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Looking for an appointment with an Ohio insurance carrier? OIA can help you find the right carrier to partner with your agency and grow your business. Submit an inquiry by clicking the button below!

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Agency Contract Review

Have your carrier contract reviewed before you sign

OIA members have access to reviews of agency-company agreements conducted by the Big “I” Office of General Counsel. To request a new review or if you have questions about an existing review, please contact Scott Kneeland or Joe Doherty.

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Legal Hotline

Advice from attorneys specializing in insurance issues

OIA members receive a 30-minute consultation with an attorney that provides advice on legal questions relating to the insurance industry. Click the button below or call us at (800) 555-1742 to get started!

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A.m. Best's Key Rating Guide

Find out more about your insurers

A.M. Best's Key Rating Guide offers five years of key financial figures and Best's Credit Ratings for thousands of insurers. There are also online presentation reports that display this information in a format ideal for client presentations and proposals. Also included is BestAlert, which allows you to monitor the latest company news, ratings and reports via email.

Descriptions of available guides (sold separately):

Subscribe today to take advantage of a discounted price and reduced delivery charges! For additional information or to pay for your order using a credit card, contact A.M. Best's customer service at (800) 424-2378. Be sure to mention promo code 15KD2.

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