OIA Web-Based Professional Development

We understand that between work and your personal life, it's sometimes hard to spend a day away to focus on professional development. That's why we offer an array of web-based programs and classroom seminars!

Agents & Brokers Education Network (ABEN)

ABEN provides highly relevant, interactive distance learning using video streaming technology -- and you can choose from several categories of topics!

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New Employee Bootcamp (MERG)

Do you have newbies to the insurance world at your agency? Get them on the right track with new employee bootcamp — online insurance education for new employees using a virtual "classroom." Topics are between six and eight weeks long, with no more than three hours spent per week on the course.

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Online CIC Institutes

Looking to supplement your classroom Certified Insurance Counselor (CIC) institutes with online courses? The National Alliance offers instructor-led, online CIC courses that consist of the same tested, high-quality curriculum and allow interaction with and instruction by the same expert faculty — with the ease of a webinar! The courses include instructive quizzes, optional reading assignments, exercises and discussion board postings to support your learning throughout the course.

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Online CISR Seminars

Looking to supplement your classroom Certified Insurance Service Representative (CISR) seminars with online courses? The National Alliance offers self-paced, online CISR courses that are accessible by computer, tablet, or cell phone — 24/7! Enjoy the easy-to-use learning environment and navigate freely on your time. You’re in charge — the courses are self-directed, so you can stop and start your sessions anytime!

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