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Does your insurance agency need talent? Whether you are looking for customer service representatives or someone to mentor new producers, WAHVE (Work at Home Vintage Experts) can eliminate the stress of hiring.

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Key benefits of WAHVE


WAHVE matches agencies with tech-savvy "pre-tirement" insurance professionals who have 25-plus years of experience in the industry. These professionals, also known as wahves, are available full or part time as well as for a project/consulting work. And because they work remotely, wahves can provide their services from anywhere.


Wahves cost 50 percent less than regular experienced staff, helping your agency to improve its profitability. By hiring a wahve, you save on salary, benefits, overhead and turnover costs.


Wahves make excellent mentors for your agency's inexperienced producers. They are experts in their fields -- often having multiple designations, degress and licenses -- and enjoy the opportunity to mentor or train new producers. Their institutional knowledge is invaluable to young agents just starting out in their careers.


While WAHVE is not a substitute for a 24-hour call center, it could help you extend your agency's hours of service to clients. For example, if your hire a wahve who lives in the Pacific Time Zone, they could be available to help clients after normal business hours in Ohio's Eastern Time Zone.


WAHVE’s extensive qualification process includes insurance coverage, errors and omissions and management systems tests as well as reference and background checks.

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How a wahve can help you

If you are looking for experienced insurance professionals in any of these specialty areas, WAHVE might be the answer to your hiring needs.  

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