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"Our trusted partner – we believe CompManagement is the best choice for Ohio's businesses."

OIA's Workers' Comp Group Rating Program is available to your commercial clients. We have simplified the process by providing you with materials that you can customize and online access to your accounts using the online portal, ViaOne.

Offer the Program

  1. Customize an AC3 application for your agency.
  2. Encourage your clients to apply by including an AC-3 in proposals or as part of the annual review process. Or use OIA's marketing materials to educate clients about the program and why we believe it's the best choice for Ohio's businesses.
  3. Be aware of application and enrollment program deadlines to help you manage the process.

Close the Business

  1. Use ViaOne, CompManagement's customer portal, to get real-time information on where your clients are in the enrollment process.
  2. Learn more about the program by checking out our FAQs, and how we rank against competitors.
  3. Contact OIA with any questions at (800) 555-1742. We are ready to help with any step of the process.

Marketing Materials

Customize your AC-3 Application

Download an AC-3 form, and add your contact information and print to send to your commercial clients! It's that easy. Once an AC-3 is completed, fax the form to CompManagement at (866) 567-9380.

OIA Sample Marketing Letters and Emails


Be aware of important application and enrollment deadlines for specific program years.

OIA One-Page Flyer

Once you download our customizable FAQ flyer, just click inside the light blue box toward the bottom and type in your agency information - or you can print/e-mail as is.

About CompManagement

Learn why we think CompManagement is the best choice for Ohio's businesses and how they rank against the competition.