Offer exclusive top tier products to your clients

​​​Big “I” Markets​ is an online market access system available as part of your OIA membership. It features no fees, no volume commitments and competitive commissions.

Benefits of Big “I” Markets:

  • Maintain ownership of renewals

  • No initial access or termination fees

  • No obligation to submit other accounts
  • Earn EFT commission payments
  • Register one time through Big “I” Markets and gain access to dozens of programs
  • Weekly e-newsletter featuring product knowledge and special interest pieces

What can you access?

As a member, you gain access to a suite of top tier markets including affluent homeowners, bonds, commercial packages, habitational, non-standard homeowners and more.

More in-depth information on each market can be found in our 2017-2018 BIM Product Guide or after logging in to

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