BWC Other States Coverage

While the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation (BWC) generally provides coverage for employees working temporarily outside of Ohio, problems can arise when injured employees file their claims in a state that does not recognize BWC’s coverage. This leads to complications including delayed treatment for the injured employees and penalties for their employers from the other states.

In addition, some states require Ohio employers to obtain workers' compensation coverage in their state (in addition to BWC's coverage) for any work performed by their employees in that state, regardless of how brief they’re there. Ohio’s border states such as Michigan, Pennsylvania and Kentucky do not recognize Ohio BWC coverage. West Virginia recognizes BWC coverage "for a period not exceeding 30 calendar days in any 365 day period." Indiana will respect Ohio’s jurisdiction, and does not limit it to a certain amount of days – but keep in mind that this provision is for employees who are Ohio residents who are temporarily in Indiana. See BWC's FAQ on Extraterritorial Coverage.

To address these issues, OIA worked closely with BWC for several years to develop a solution for Ohio employers who send employees outside the state. Through an RFP process, BWC selected United States Insurance Services (USIS) as the vendor to provide the other states coverage.

We’ve prepared a toolkit of information, including an FAQ page, to help you better understand this new coverage option.

Implementation Toolkit

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