OIA's RISE Report - Measure your ascent. Benchmark your goals.

Relevant Insights for Strategic Execution.
brought to you by IntellAgents.

OIA has partnered with IntellAgents to bring you the R.I.S.E. Report - a report that takes your high-level operations data and compares it to your peer agencies from across the state, those within the same region, those within the same premium volume and those of the fastest growing agencies.

You’ll be able to compare growth, determine if your salary and benefit packages are competitive, and gain insights into other critical performance metrics using the R.I.S.E. Report.

The R.I.S.E. Report was developed in-house specifically to help independent agency owners better understand their businesses and build strategies focused on certain areas of the agency.

You don’t have to be an OIA member to access the R.I.S.E. Report, you simply need to be an independent insurance agency principal.

You'll receive a digital copy of your report with your annual purchase ($499/member, $999/non-member).

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