Peer Exchange Groups

Are you ready to thrive?

We know it's tough to be an agency leader and that it can help to learn from the guidance of peers. While peer groups have existed for a long time, technological innovations and data have changed the dynamics and propelled the capabilities of these groups.

Let OIA help you find your peers, so you can put your time and energy where it counts -- into your business.

What are Peer Exchange Groups?

There are three different groups for leaders of high-performing, small to mid-sized agencies who face the same challenges as you and can share their knowledge and experiences to help fuel your success. The three groups are:

  • Female Producers
  • Current Next-Gen Agency Owners
  • Future Next-Gen Agency Owners

They provide a safe, high-trust, confidential environment to share and leverage data, best practices and processes.

The groups combine agency leaders from geographically dispersed areas so there are no competitive conflicts of interest.

It also provides a continuous forum for dialogue, encouragement, constructive criticism and accountability.

Interested in joining Peer Exchange?

If you or someone in your agency is interested in joining a Peer Exchange Group, fill out the form below!