ACORD Begins Charging Users: What Agents Need to Know

On Jan. 1, 2020, agents, brokers, carriers and others who use ACORD forms will need to begin paying to use the service.

But there’s good news for agents who access the forms through their agency management systems.

Big “I” National, OIA’s national affiliate, has negotiated an agreement with ACORD to cover the cost of End User Licenses when forms are accessed through an agency management system. This means that as long as you maintain an active OIA membership, you have access to a complimentary End User License for your agency.

If you currently use ACORD forms through your management system, you should experience no change in your workflow, with the exception of an initial, and then annual, validation of your membership.

But What If I Don’t Use a Management System?

If you don’t use a management system, your system doesn’t have a specific form you need, or you don’t use another authorized ACORD forms redistributor, there are two subscriptions available based on agency revenue.

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Questions or need further help?

 Find more information on ACORD forms subscriptions and licensing requirements 

 Contact ACORD directly at or (845) 620-1700

 Read more about Big I’s agreement with ACORD